What is cloud computing with example | Cloud computing services model- scope in cloud computing

What is cloud computing with example

What is cloud computing with example
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What is cloud computing with example- Cloud computing is the latest technology that is high in demand that enables on-demand services like storage, networking, database, machine learning, compute and more.

We can access it from anywhere in the world through the internet and the most important thing that users do not need to manage resources itself depends on the Cloud computing services model.

Cloud computing services models are best for people of a business kind because it is more cost-effective and safe to put your all database setup in cloud computing services.

It is a thousand times safer to put your data, application, website, or any other stuff in the cloud to get more safety, excess, and also it is much more cost-effective because you can pay for what you use.

Examples of cloud computing 

Dropbox :

Dropbox is a famous software that allows you to store your stuff in it with 2GB of space as you sign up in dropbox, and you can access it from anywhere from any device with a sign an id and password.

It is completely working on a Cloud computing services model that has great speed backup and safety too.

Dropbox is completely working on a Cloud computing services model which makes it a great platform to use.


Zoom is a great video call service that also works on the Cloud computing services model.

 It is a software as a service very easy to access by users. There is one worry to handle data or anything you just have to sign in as you start using it, there is nothing like worrying about storage and all.

There are so many other examples like slack, salesforce, and more that are using the Cloud computing services model to run their business.

Here is all about what is cloud computing with example now let’s see other important points in cloud services.

 There is a great scope in cloud computing in the future, it is one of the trending technologies for Database, networking, and so on.

Now I think that you get that what is cloud computing with example.

If someone asks what is cloud computing with an example that you can explain it in short and simple that it is the best current on-demand services for things like storage, networking, database, machine learning, compute, and more.

Now let’s see some of the best features of cloud computing:

  • Scalable:  we can use/own any resource and access it any time we require to start your services.
  • Pay as you go:  one of the features of the cloud is that we only need to pay for the resources we used.
  • Flexible: there are so many services available on cloud platforms we use or employ and access from any devices such as mobile phone, pc, laptop, etc.
  • Secure: the cloud is very secure it has many security and security levels that protect your data from any attacks without any work, also you have full control of your resource so there is not worry about bleaching your security.

There are also some the features like disaster recovery, elasticity, broad network access, and more.

Till now we have looked that what cloud computing with examples and some features of the cloud.

Cloud computing services model

Cloud computing services model
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There are three major Cloud computing services models that satisfy different business and user requirements.

 Cloud computing services models are:

  • IAAS (infrastructure as a service)
  • PAAS (Platform as a service)
  • SAAS (software as a service)

IAAS (infrastructure as a service)

IAAS is a service that is mainly used by business owners and it provides services like storage, networking, virtualization, server, O/s these services can be handled by the cloud provider itself.

You just need to care about the application, data, runtime, and middleware for your business or services.

This service is great for any user type because of pay as per use model i.e you have to have for only no of resources is used and you can turn it off any time if you don’t want to you anymore.

PAAS (Platform as a service)

In a platform as a service, we only have to care about handling your data and the application rest of the layer is securely handled by the service provider.

All the other resources like server, storage, virtualization, O/S, networking, and runtime are cared for by the service provider itself, which is great to ease the use of the cloud.

The best example of PAAS is a play store where you have to deploy your code and handle your application and data.

SAAS (software as a service)

SAAS is one of the best cloud computing service models because we only need to handle your data that we are going to upload on the server.

The best example of SAAS is Gmail, We do not take care of storage or bandwidth we just sign up and start using its resources without paying and services. 

With this amazing Cloud computing services model, there is great scope in cloud computing.  

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scope in cloud computing  

scope in cloud computing
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There is a great scope in cloud computing because of its growing market all IT sectors are adopting cloud services to depend on their data or services and using other services like storage, virtualization, server, and more.

For sure there is scope in cloud computing all one is working or trying to grab their interest in the cloud.

In the cloud, the annual salary of the cloud starts with the package of 3-4 lakhs per annum.

End line:

Here all information about what is cloud computing with example, the Cloud computing services model and scope in cloud computing.

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