top 10 games for android offline- games in android

Gaming is one of the most amazing ways to chill and enjoy, playing games at home is the best hobbies of people nowadays, and also now gaming became a great way to build your courier in by gaming, in fact, you can do great by playing games earn money many guys play and win thousands of dollar in streaming and winning competitions.

Here we see some of the top 10 games for android offline(games in android) that will be great games to download on android phones to play games at home.

Nowadays many android games have become premium that all can not afford but nowadays there are so many games in android that are great for playing games at home and most important thing is that these games in android are free to use and play.

Now let’s start talking about the top 10 games for android offline for playing games at home.

Top 10 games for android offline- playing games at home(gaming in android)

top 10 games for android offline
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Alto’s Odyssey

One of the most amazing games to download in android is Alto’s Odyssey. This app provides a great user interface and also has great navigation to enjoy this amazing game.

We can say it is a runner game in which one animated character that is you in a game controls it in alto’s odyssey has to run and has to avoid obstacles to clear a level as much as we run and get safe, your score depends on that.

This is one of the best games with a great interface and animated background with dark, fancy themes which is great for a game to play, this builds a great interest to play this game.

It’s absolutely free and also kids friendly that makes this game a great free game to download on android phones this is best for all games in android.

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Smash hit 

Smash hit is a really interesting game to play and also has a great User interface.

In smash hits, we have to tab on a screen that triggers a metal ball that strikes in a glass to break it.

We have to target those glass balls by shooting them with meal balls to score points.

Smash hit is one of the best games known at a time in 2014 and still it is on the top list to play as a hit game.

And hitting many times to glasses continually boosts you up with bounce that’s pretty amazing to get engaged in this game.

Also, smash hit is a free game that you can play anytime, and that makes it come in the top 10 games for android phones.

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Traffic riders

Traffic rider racing game in which you have to ride a bike with good speed to complete the race first without crashing into other cars or paths that come in between races.

But that makes this game more interesting and worthy to play, also this game has cool and fancy bikes with great graphics that give you a real feel to play racing games.

From many racing games in android phones, we can count it in the top one to play, and also it is free games to download in android.

Traffic riders are a great game for playing games at home to enjoy this game for free.

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shadow fight

Fighting games are one of the best ways to pass time and also remove some stress and if you too like fighting, combo fighting games then shadow fight games are great for you to enjoy.

This game has a really great and engaging interface with great moves to fight in-game.

It proved some navigation buttons to fight like kids, punches, and get your move to hit your enemy inside the game before he makes a move to kill you.

Also, you can choose different weapons and characters to play, this game is also free games on android.

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Shadow Blade Zero

Shadow Blade Zero is another fighting game with really cool graphics and levels to clear.

In this game, you have to deliver a message successfully that you have to fight with enemies and slice with a blade by avoiding some opticals that came in your paths like rocks, needles, and more.

I am sure if you get into this game will become your favorite because of the user interface level engagement course because it builds interest to clear levels and fight with enemies.

Because of this quality, this game also comes in your top 10 games for android offline and games to download in android phone. 

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Crossy Road

According to some users, crossy road is one of the most addictive games to download in android and play because of its simple and creative interface.

In this game, you have to control your character you choose like chicken, and then control it to crossroads without getting hit by cars, buses, and vehicles.

It’s all that for how long you cross the road and make a high score and break it. One of the most interesting things about this game is its simplicity and interface.

playing games at home if you are a gamer and like to pass time then playing this game is really enjoyable for you to have this game in android system.   

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Plants vs Zombie 

Plants vs zombies 2 is one the best games you can play offline in which you have to implant plants in the path of zombies that are coming to eat your brain.

You have to protect your house by implanting trees in between zombies and houses that shoot some bubbles toward zombies to kill them.

It is one of the most engaging and brainstorming games to play. If you like to play games then you have to play this for sure.

This is one of the best games to download in android to play as a gamer.

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Sky dance runner

Sky dance runner game is a little like subway surfer or temple run but it has great graphics and level that will blow your mind. You have to try this game one time.

This is a running game in which you have to run and jump, dodge walls and certain difficulties and you will explore new worlds and explore many adventures and earn rewards by jumping, running, and tackling obstacles.

From so many amazing games in android this running game is also an great choice to play and enjoy gaming.

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Candy crush

Candy crush is an all time favorite of not just kids but adults too from a long time.

This game has a very simple interface with a unique idea in which you have to build and chain of similar components or elements then it gets a pop that will get in score.

Like this we have to score more than target to complete or to win a game more than that this game has so many levels that make you so attached to clear each level and maintain your interest to play.

We can say that Candy crush is one of the most amazing games ever for every user that uses mobile phones. That’s why it came in top 10 games for android offline and it is really more worthy than many games to download on android phones to play.

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Eternium is one of the best free games to play without the internet in this amazing game you have to run and kill bad people with your weapons and you can shoot fireballs toward them to kill, you have to collect coins to get a reward and get a high score as much as you can.

Aslo you have a great interface, engaging graphics that will make you more curious to play this game also Eternium has options like changing character cloths and more that is great to choose the main character as your need.

We can say that this game is a really great game on android phones to play and chill out.

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These are top 10 games for android offline games to download in android phones and play for free and enjoy. 

also see some of the best online games for mobiles to play for fun but first enjoy all this top 10 games for android offline games for fun.

this are some best games in android to play and enjoy you can go to play store and then this games to download in android phone for gaming.

If you want to go on the play store and install games in android that’s your favorite from these top 10 games for android offline and start playing games at home for free.

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