The best search engines in the world | Types of search engine

In these pieces of articles, we are going to see what are the best search engines in the world and types of search engines.

That may help you to understand current technologies and search engines in detail.

If you use the internet daily then you have to know what are the best search engines in the world you can use.

What are search engines?

Types of search engine
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Search engines are built-in software that is designed or developed for internet searches or searches for anything over the internet.

You can search anything on search engines i.e information to search your search engine provide you information or result by sorting best of all.

The best content sorting done by search engines is called SERP(search engine result page).

There are so many search engines we are going to see some of the best search engines in the world.

The best search engines in the world |  Types of search engine

Types of search engine

There are mainly three types of search engine exist based on their properties they work.

Let’s see what are some types of search engines:

  • Human-powered directories
  • Crawler based 
  • Hybrid based search engines

Human power directories

In the list of types of search engines first, we see what is human-powered directories.

As you can guess from its name this is an open directories system that is controlled by human listing.

Suppose you write an article and post it first it is analyzed and rechecked or reviewed by humans and then published if it has no issue otherwise it has been rejected.

It also uses the concept of keyword and all that to rank and listing, the best example of human-powered is yahoo.

Crawler based 

The second type of search engine id crawler-based is one of the most popular types and mostly all engines use this method.

In this type of search engine, a crawler or spider crawls each and every piece of content on a web page and reviews it for sorting and ranking.

These crawlers or spiders jump from one page to another to fetch more content and rank the most relevant and good content on top.

Some examples of crawler-based engines are google, yahoo, bing, Baidu and also these come in the best search engines in the world.

Hybrid based search engines

Hybrid-based search engines this is the last type of search engine that combines both crawler-based and human-based.

This type of search engine takes both the crawling method and manual review method to fetch content and rank it on search engine result pages.

These are basic details about some types of search engines that use different methods to fetch all types of content in their own way.

The best search engines in the world 

the best search engines
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Now lets see what are the best search engines in the world and why they are on top and best to use.


the best search engines in the world
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In the list of the best search engines in the world Google is on the top you to agree with this because of its huge market share and audience.

Google has more than 92 percent of share than other search engines as per market share.

Google search engine was developed in 1996 by Sergey brin and larry page.

Google uses a crawler-based method to fetch the information i.e with the help of crawlers and spiders to fetch it and rank it on the search engine result page.

Its user interface is so easy to understand and has also changed its policies to rank contents on web pages to rank only the best one for any google search.

With all these abilities and great market share, we can say that Google is the best search engine in the world.


what are search engines
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After Google, Bing is in second place. It has a market share of 8.04 percent that may look small compared to Google but it is more than enough for genuine users.

Bing is developed and carried by Microsoft and it is imaged from the previous engine that is windows live search and MSN.

Also, it is a default search engine in the window operating system and the same as Google has subpages like images, videos, news, and more.


yahoo search engine
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Yahoo is also a popular search engine with 3 percent of the market share and it most popular for email services from it.

It was founded in 1994 by two people named Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Also once a time google tries to sell Gmail to yahoo but yahoo rejects and now Gmail take over the market as mail service.

But yahoo is also a great and secure platform for email services and also a yahoo server as a default app for firefox in the United States.

Yahoo also has some subcategories that show up the trends or hot topics around the world like news, lifestyle, and more.

These are the best search engines in the world that have the most impact and with amazing market share.

Now let’s see a list of the best search engines in the world that are also popular and widely used:

  • Baidu 
  • Duckduckgo
  • Yandex
  • Naver

You can look up these search engines too and get a rough idea about the theme.

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End line:

Here we looked at the best search engines in the world and types of search engines. I hope this information is useful for you to learn about search engines.

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