Future of cloud computing | cloud computing services model |cloud computing services provide

The future of cloud computing is a new trending technology nowadays and it’s growing very fast.

This is because each and everything comes in digital platforms whether it is applications, apps, servers, bitcoins, websites, or anything that needs a base.

Each and every platform needs a server or location to put their data in that case cloud computing is very helpful.

The future of cloud computing is great because it is powerful, scalable, and provides great data backups, security too.

Also, there are many different types of cloud computing services available for your requirement as per your business model.

future of cloud computing
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There is three types of cloud computing services model that we are going to see in future that disturbed the use and platform as per needs.

With this much potential and scope in the future of cloud computing, there are so many cloud computing services providers that provide cloud services to use.

We also look at what are some cloud computing services providers in the market that provide various cloud services.

In this article, we look at what is the future of cloud computing, cloud computing services model, and cloud computing services providers.

cloud computing services model |cloud computing services provide

cloud computing services model
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What are some famous cloud computing services i.e mostly in use nowadays, let’s see some of the cloud services from AWS(amazon web services).

Compute services:

EC2(Elastic cloud compute): EC2 is the most popular service provided by AWS i.e with resizable capacity computing, that provides servers and more to use.

It makes the workload easy to handle layers and provides you with more than enough control in case you don’t have that much technical knowledge.

You can use server, data center, and other services as per your needs like how much ram you need or processor abilities, and more.

There are also some other services like lambda, elastic beanstalk, and more to use.


S3(simple storage service): this is basically a service to store data or storage you want to store for your business needs.

EFS is an elastic file-sharing system that provides effective serverless services that allow you to share data without caring about storage data.

S3 glacier is a simple service for archiving data and it is one of the cheapest service in storage to use.

There are also some other cloud services like FSX, AWS backup, and more to use.

With these many services, there is great scope in the future of cloud computing.

There are more than 200 cloud computing services provided by AWS and other cloud services worldwide like:

  • Machine learning
  • Datastores
  • Network and content delivery
  • Media services
  • Blockchain
  • Quantum technologies
  • Management and governance
  • Game developments

There are so many cloud services that provide so many services in many different ways but with the same fundamental use.

What are some most popular cloud computing services provider in the world:

cloud computing services provider
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  • AWS(amazon web services)
  • Microsoft azure
  • Google cloud platform
  • IBM cloud
  • VMware
  • Rackspace
  • Oracle cloud
  • Digital ocean
  • Cloudsigma
  • Red hat

These are some most popular cloud computing services providers and with more than 200 services that make a great scope and future of cloud computing.

Now let’s see what are some cloud computing services models that make cloud and great platforms i.e a great technology to use and build a great future of cloud computing.

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The Cloud computing services model is divided in three types that are as follows:

IAAS(infrastructure as a service): this is mostly used by business or industry services to handle large data.
In this services model, your service provides a handle o/s, virtualization, server, storage, and networking.

SAAS(software as a service): in SAAS all services are handled by service providers.
The best example of SAAS is email. We only need to send emails so we do not need to handle servers or care about data storage or more.

PAAS(platform as a service): platform as a service is an interesting cloud computing services model to use because you only need to handle you data and application that you are using and other server layers are handled by the service provider itself.

This area has some cloud computing service models that make it easy to use this service and push it as a give it a green signal for a good future of cloud complying.

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