Best files sharing apps in 2021

Files sharing apps are in high demand because sharing Important thing to everyone working or office persons. Transferring a large file or documents are issue and also transferring a movies web series with a friends. Transferring a file from one device to other device without internet data.

In this post best file sharing apps are listed the all apps are free and transfer a large files in any formats with light speed they can transfer. And also supports a many languages with google rating.

Best files sharing apps

01. Google files.

files sharing apps

Google file is a good and best files sharing apps nowadays. Google file is a free app to use and it does not require an internet connection to sharing files. Files are Sharing by wifi connection fully secure way.

Google files mention that the speed of file sharing is up to 25Mbps it is good. You can directly add files in Google Drive from Google file apps. Google files support many languages and it is very faster than other file sharing apps. Google files app has over 500+ Million downloads in google play files. Nowadays google files app are available on new android mobiles by defeat.

02. Inshare.

files sharing apps

Inshare app is another best files sharing apps available in the google play store. Inshare app is developed inshort. inc. ins are app is most famous after India banned the china apps. InShare app shares file from wifi or code scanner way. The speed of file sharing in Inshore is up to 40Mbps from one device to another device.

Inshare app is available for mobile versions and desktop versions. Share app also transfers multiple files at a time. In-app has 10+ Million downloads in the google play store. And also a good rating with 4.6 stars out of 5.

03. ShareMe.

files sharing apps

ShareMe app is the most popular sharing app in India. ShareMe an app is developed by Xiaomi inc. Xiaomi app is also the best alternative sharing app of Google file app. This app is faster than another file-sharing app. Share app has by default Install in Xiaomi mobiles like Poco, Xiaomi, realme, etc.

But this app is working on every phone. ShareMe app speed is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. App has 500+ Million downloads in the google play store and rating 4.6 stars out of 5 it’s really good.

04. Zapya.

files sharing apps

Zapya is another best files sharing apps which freely available in the google play store. Zapya app is developed by dewmobiles. inc. The zapya app is sharing a file from one device to another device without using wifi or internet data. It’s can be any format or any size zapya app I easily compatible with. You can create a group in zapya and invite people in the group to share. You can also create a personalised QR code for other to share with you. Zapya is also available in web browser option you can also transfer a file through a web browser. and supports 40+ languages in the world. Zapya has 100+ Million downloads in the google play store.

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05. Xshare.

files sharing apps

Xshare is a wonderful file sharing app available. Xshare app is developed by shalltry group. Xshare app supports any type of formats and also transfer the any large file it can easily transfer by xshare app. Speed of file transferring in xshare app is up to 50 mbps. Xshare app is supports a multi languages like other sharing apps. In google play store app has over 50+ Million downloads and also with good reviews and rating is 4.4 star out of 5 star rating.

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