Best screen recording apps for Android in 2021

Many people required a screen recording feature for there various uses or requirement. Nowadays many android mobiles have screen recording feature in built. But in built screen recording don’t have a much features like Don’t adjust a frame rate, don’t add a selfies and many more. If your searching for best screen recording apps for Android then this a best place. This apps have a more features like edits a videos, supports a internal audios, don’t interrupt with many ads, Doesn’t add watermark and have a many feature.

A-z screen recorder.

This app is well-known and famous app for screen recording. A-Z screen recorder have many customisation and features for your mobile. In customisation setting best resolution like 420p to 1080p, best bitrates range between 1 Mbps to 12 Mbps, best frame rates between 24 FPS to 60 FPS and also supports like internal and external audios, one best option is in app that prevents a accidentally shakes and touches. And app also offers a additional options like videos trimming, video compressing, adding a effects to videos, adding a text in video and many more. In this app have many features that people will definitely impress and attract with.

Screen recorder – no ads.

This has a much popularity about apps features and options offered by apps. App is simple and user interface is so pretty with no ads. By only one click recorder starts application records in HD quality. Videos will be records in maximum 60 FPS. Apps offers a best resolution range from 420p to 1024p, comes with in built recording features, and also offers a basic options like adds logo, images, video editors and many more. Best screen recording apps for Android.

Super screen recorder.

Super screen recorder is user friendly app you will make beautiful HD videos quality video recording. Offers best in High resolution 2K, bitrate range upto 60 FPS, frame rate upto 12 Mbps and also offers a short cuts ways to handle app like to stop the recording simply shake a mobile phone, while recording a face cam automatically captures in facial expressions and many more. Apps offers a additional features like videos editors, gif maker, shorts maker, adding brand logo, images between videos, trimming video, compress videos size and more. This app is user friendly and have a many customisation options by that app is awesome to use.

Mobizen screen recorder.

Mobizen app is easy to use and you easily record and edit the video. Mobizen offers many good features like while recording a face cam automatically capture or focus on facial expressions if video recording size increases then automatically save in memory sd card in mobiles. And apps record a video in high resolution 1080p, bitrate range up to 60fps, frame rate up to 12 Mbps. You can edit, trim, compress videos according to your choice. You can easily put your favourite bgm, intro and outro in shorts video. This is the most popular and trending screen recording app.

DU recorder.

Du recorder is one of the best screen recording apps for your phone. Du recorder offers many features like high resolution up to 1080p, high bitrate, frame rate, front camera, GIF maker, logo adding, inbuilt video editor and many more features. Du recorder has a good rating in Google play store for special features. This is best screen recording app for android in 2021.

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