Best programming languages to learn | Languages for coding

Programming languages have become so important in this era because mostly everything came online today.

Most of the giant technologies and industries are based on programming languages i.e coding that related to app development, Software development, server handling, and other fields include knowledge of languages for coding.

Here are some of the best programming languages to learn and programming languages on demand for you to learn.

If you are looking for a future scope in the IT field or you are highly interested in coding and all that then you have to Learn programming languages to get started.

Best programming languages to learn
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But definitely, you are confused that which languages should you learn so we see some of 

programming languages on demand for a bright future in the IT industry.

Now without wasting time let’s see some Best programming languages to learn, Learn programming languages and programming languages on demand that will help you to grab your fist in the coding and IT field.

Best programming languages to learn | Languages for coding|  Learn programming languages  

programming languages on demand
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In programming languages on demand java is on top we can say that because it has been used in so many fields like android app development, machine learning, server languages, and more.

It is high in demand and it is a general-purpose programming language and it is developed by a company known as suns microsystem in late 1995 and Java is free available to download for practice.

Java is for android development, app development, website development, and more that make java and Best programming languages to learn.

Most of the giant industries like google, youtube, IBM, gaming companies use java as a base language.

There are thousands of technologies currently working on java language if you have a great hand in learning programming languages and mostly java then it provides you a great scope for you to grab good job opportunities.

programming languages on demand for java normally you can get paid ₹277,518 to ₹839,714 per annum as per your knowledge, certification, and abilities.

We can say that in the Best programming languages to learn java is a great option to learn.

C and C++ 

C and c++ are the most amazing and basic languages for each and every coder. When they make up their mind to Learn programming languages they will first concentrate on c and c++, also c is an enhanced version of c++.

Because we can say that the two languages are the basis for all Languages for coding like java, python, javascript and more.

Where c and c++ are high-performance languages the reason is that it is used for application developments, client and server applications,s and more.

Also big giant industries like Apple, Google have used C and C++ for their current technologies.

The average salary for c and C++ developers  ₹8,06,170 totally depends on their c and c++ abilities for Languages for coding.

C and C++ are the Best programming languages to learn if you are a beginner and starting your coding journey or education that is so helpful for you for basic knowledge in depth.


Python is one the most simple languages and it is a high-level language and object programming language.

Compared to other languages python is most easy because it is an English-based language that makes it easy to learn.

With the language, we can make amazing apps, web pages, games, shells for operating  languages, and more that make python a great programming language on demand.

It provides so many modules and packages that are so grateful for various project and development fields as per requirement.

In the list of Languages for coding python is a great option with great scope in jobs due to its abilities. 

The average salary of a beginner with a good newline in python is ₹427,293 and more and mid and advanced level in India. 

There are more Best programming languages to learn but these three Languages for coding are best of all in this current suction that every coder and programmer use for web developments, application developments, and for more.


Kotlin is also a great language for coding developed by Kotlin JetBrains and it has been launched in near 2011, it is a general-purpose language.

we can say that it is quite a new language in the industry but really has great scope.

It is all in the language if you do master in kotlin then you can develop apps, websites, desktop applications, and server-side applications too.

Also, it has great scope in the future and some of the great companies like Pinterest and Coursera are using this language as their main language too.

If you are sure to Learn programming languages then you can definitely learn kotlin too.


C# also came in the Best programming languages to learn for coding and all stuff, C# developed by Microsoft in the late 2000s and it is an object-oriented programming language.

It is quite similar to C, C++, and java in a syntactical way and it has several benefits like open-source, scalable, easy to use, object oriented, and more.

Alos C# use in many designing and gaming software for gaming in unity C# is one of the main languages used for designing and coding.

In the list of languages for coding, C# is really a great choice to learn and get your hands in the IT field.

as we have seen some of best programming languages to learn and create great opportunities to gain great hand in IT field, and learn programming languages this all above programming languages on demand for developers in future for sure.

see what are best apps for student in India for education to learn and educate yourself.

End line:

That’s it these are some of the best programming languages to learn and get your dream job or develop your own games, apps, website, and more.

On the other side Learn programming languages because there are great programming languages on-demand as everything is going on the internet.

So, at last, I want to say Learn programming languages and have a great future ahead.

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