Best games under 10MB in 2021 | small MB games.

There many games in the Google play store which are the best entertainment and best games for fun or time passes. Many games are heavy graphical and high in size. People’s interest to play funny games, entertainment games, and varieties of games to relax, time pass, to remove stress, etc. if you search for the best games under 10MB then this post is for you. The best games are always heavy in size the heavy games occupy a large memory size and mobile should capable to smoothly play the game on a mobile phone. And some games are not capable of some phones due to fewer processors and less GPU.

Best games under 10MB

01. Dr driving.

Games under 10mb

Dr driving is the best game under 10 Mb to play. Dr driving games 10 Mb’s best game to play in 2021 in free. The game is developed by the studio up-down.Inc company. Dr driving game is the best driving simulator game you will learn how to drive a car, park, drift, etc.

And also have many missions, challenges. In the game by completing missions and challenges you will get gold and silver coins by those coins you will upgrade cars. This is the best small Mb games in 2021. Dr driving game has 10+Million downloads in the google play store and the game is available for Android, iOS, and Windows users.

02. BMX boy.

Games under 10mb

BMX Boy is another best games under 10MB the game is developed by runner games company. BMX boy is very attractive and such racing game one boy is cycling on different roads or ramp. The boy has to perform various tricks like jumping in the air, speed up and many more.

And obstacles in the middle of the race to complete the racing boy has to cross or face the obstacles by tricks. Best 90+ super cool levels and 3 different terrains have in the game. The game is a simple but challenging and entertaining game. The game has over 50+ Million downloads in the Google play store. BMX boy game is easy and the best small MB games in 2021.

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03. Break the prison.

Games under 10mb

Break the prison is the best game in arcade games in google play store. Break the prison game is one of the best entertainment games and best games under 10Mb. In this game, you have to prepare a plan to escape from prison. You have to build your tools and solve the puzzles to complete the level or escape the prison.

There is a total of 40+ super cool challenging level and 8 themed cells. Break the prison has over 10+ Million downloads in the Google play store and the game is available in Android, iOS and window versions.

04. Mekorama.

Games under 10mb

Mekorama is another best games under 10Mb in 2021. In the Mekorama game, you have to handle the robot and help the robot to build a home. The game is developed by Martin Magni games company. There are a total of 50+ challenging levels and the graphics of the game is good and simple. In the game, you have to control the robot and solve the puzzles to complete the mission.

The game has over 10+ Million downloads in the Google play store and the game is available for iOS and Android users. Mekorama is another best game under 10MB.

05. SWAT.

Games under 10mb

Swat game is the first version of a shooting game in less MB games. The game is developed by FT games company. In the game, you are the swat team member and have to kill the terrorist in different locations. In the SWAT game, there is many different super levels and 10+ locations.

In the game, you will get many real-life weapons to kill or defeat the terrorist. You can also upgrade the weapons, levels, and location according to the completion of missions. The game has 10+ Million downloads in the Google play store. The SWAT game has just 11 MB but the game is super cool and challenging. One of the best less MB games.

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