best apps to control window pc from android

You can control your window pc through android app easily. In this post best apps to control window pc from android are listed. Many functions of window can easily control through this apps like play media, keyword, mouse and many more. Not only window also control the iOS and Linux too with this apps. In Most cases you need to install app in window along with mobile device.

best apps to control window pc from android

Unified remote.

Unified remote is best app to control window pc from android. App is connected with WiFi or Bluetooth apps supported more than 90+ programs like playback media, mouse, keyboards, power control, presentations, screening mirroring, file manager and more. There best supports is YouTube, Netflix, PowerPoint, chrome, edge, window task manager and more. Best features of unified is that app automatic detect server in your network, encryption for security, password protection and also infrared sensors for IR remote. This app also have a premium version with great supports and features like to supports in Arduino and raspberry PI.


Teamviewer is another best remote access app for computer. Teamviewer is allows you to connect with pc device anywhere in world by setting connection. Best feature of TeamViewer app is screening sharing, real time sound, HD video transmission, bi-directional file transfer, contact management and many more features. TeamViewer is best and most used app for remote connectivity between PC and mobile devices. App is free for controlling pc with mobile devices.

VNC viewer.

VNC viewer is another best remote access app for computers. You can control the pc through mobile anywhere in world. You can use VNC viewer as a open source but while using open source some features are missing. VNC viewer Supports like keyboards, mouse media playback and many more. VNC viewer provides a backup and sync connection details, gives a multiple authentication protection to avoid unauthorized access, encrypt the entire connections for protection and many features are best in VNC viewer.

Pc remote.

PC remote is another best app for control pc from android this app is connected with Bluetooth and WiFi connection. Pc remote is popular by its features which is very useful and helpful. Supports like controlling a PowerPoint, excel, keyboards, mouse and many more. This app offers the desktop views of pc homepage. And 25 + game console can play with touchpad with mobile. And makes a work easy with this app features like encryption the connection to avoid entering of malware, password protection and many more.


Kiwimote app is high rates app by using a remote access for pc. But you have to install a Java in your desktop or laptop to connect. You can connect your mobile with pc through Bluetooth, WiFi or hotspot, QR code, Ip pin. Kiwimote is lightweight app around 2MB you can also install in server side in pc. Offers the best supports like keyboards, mouse, game consoles and supports applications like PDF readers, GOM player, KM player, VLC player, Window photo viewer and many more supports.

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