Best apps for students in India | Apps for education

In the last 10 years, education has been coming completely online and we can say that the new trend has started that we are using apps for education or apps for learning in every field, so it is important to know what are best apps for students in India.

Many of us are using so many apps for education like for preparation of govt exams or for jee, neet and more and it has become part of your education media.

Best apps for students in India
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We will see some of the best apps for education in India that will be great apps for learning and get good in your field of education.

Now there are thousands of apps for education available but here we see some of the best apps for students in India for great learning and progress.

In the list of your Best apps for students in India, we also discuss some of its courses that it provides for a special field of education.

Best apps for students in India | Apps for education

BYJU’S app 

In the list of Apps for education, BYJU’S came in the top because nowadays more than 50M+ downloads and have great potential.

This BYJU’S app for learning has a great User interface and amazing video lectures that make students engaged and keep them up to learn.

You just need to sign up for this app by filling in basic details like what are your education, your name, and all that and you can get ready to use one of the best apps for education.

BYJU’S apps for education provide you with a personalized plan for study as per your education field and study material to get on track for a great future.

Also, provide live sessions and practice platforms that deserve to be on a list of Apps for learning.

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Meritnation also came in a list of Best apps for students in India that help for great learning and education.

It provides you with courses from 1 class to jee, neet, UPSC ea, prea[ration that why it came in best apps for education.

Meritnation has more than 5M+ downloads and a size of 15 MB.

It provided some of the best teachers from pan India with live classes and covered mostly all subjects like maths, science, Hindi, social science, economics, English and more.

Also, it provides multimedia concept videos that make it much easier to understand and learn concepts.

If you study well with this one of the best educational apps you can definitely crack exams you are preparing for and provide great chat support to clear doubts.

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Unacademy is one of the Best apps for students in India for learning and exam preparation.

If you are looking for some apps for education I can recommend Unacademy for you to get started for learning.

This app provides you with more than 600+ top educational faculties and courses for you to prepare like UPSC, MPSC, JEE, IIT, and more.

It has more than 10M+ downloads and happy users that are using this app and having their future ahead.

Also provide live test series for exam preparation, practice sessions and more, that put this app in the best educational apps.

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These three are some of the Best apps for students in India that are great for students to learn and achieve their goals from this amazing app for education.

Now let’s see some of the other apps for learning that will help you with your education and learning.


MyCBSEguide is amazing that is developed by Elpis technology solution(p) ltd with more than 5M+ downloads with a size of 9.9 MB.

This educational app provides amazing sample papers, syllabus, solutions, and CBSE books for more help for student learning.

Also, it provides notes and videos for clearing doubts and problems for your own goods.

You got a test series for revision. Subjects like mathematics, science, social science, English, Hindi and computer application, and more.

You can also buy its premium membership for more content and features but although its non-premium is also great for learning.

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Blinkist – a nonfiction book

Blinkist and other Best apps for students in India for leaving it is an audiobook and ebook for students to learn.

It makes learning much easier because it has storytelling of each chapter’s summary, in short, that is done by expert faculties, without skipping any important terms.

Blinkist has more than 5M+ downloads and a size of 18 MB, rated with 3+ that add this in best apps for education.

It will provide a 7 days free trial for the demo and if you like it you can continue it for a subscription for continuing your learning with Blinkist.

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toppr -free learning app for 5-12

This app is developed by toppr has more than 10M+ downloads and a size of 25 MB.

Toppr came in great apps for learning for the mostly target sti=udents that are ICSE, CBCS, STATE BOARD STUDENTS.

With topper students who are preparing for IIT, JEE, AIIMS will definitely have great benefits of toppr with its mock tests, practices, and preparation methods.

Videos lectures are also available in both Hindi and English with great video quality that put it in the Best apps for students in India to use.

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End line: 

These are some of the best apps education or we can say the Best apps for students in India to use and achieve their dream path they are aiming for.

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